Part 1: Religion

Part 2:  Do Not Place a Stumbling Block Before the Blind

Part 3:  The Bible on Sex

Bible Interpretation

Part 4:  Should the Bible Be Taken Literally?

Part 5:  Interpreting the Bible

Part 6: Interpreting the Bible (continued)

Hebrew Bible:  Creation Through the Flood

Part 7: Creation

Part 8: Procreation - is that all we are here for?

Part 8 Appendix: What is the meaning of Genesis 1:28?

Part 9: The Sin of Adam and Eve

Part 10:  The Generation of the Flood

Hebrew Bible:  The Sin of Sodom 

Part 11: The Sin of Sodom

Part 11 Appendix: The Talmud on Sodom

Hebrew Bible:  Leviticus 

Part 12: Leviticus – Chapter 19

Part 13:  The Midrash of Daniel the Tailor

Part 13 Appendix:  Can Sexual Orientation Be Changed?

Part 14: Leviticus 18:22 and 20:13

Part 14 Appendix:  The Sin of Shaming Someone

Part 15:  Additional Perspectives on Leviticus 18:22 and 20:13 

Part 15 Appendix:  The Talmud on Homosexuality

Part 16:  Lev. 18:22, Lev. 20:13 and More

Hebrew Bible:  Gender Issues 

Part 17:  Gender 

Part 17 Appendix:  Intersexed People and Hospital Care

Part 17 Appendix:  To My Beautiful Daughter 

Part 18:  Cross-dressing

Hebrew Bible:  Temple Prostitutes

Part 19: Holiness

Part 20: There shall not be a prostitute…

Hebrew Bible:  Final Thoughts

Part 21What commandments are considered the most important?  

The Christian Bible

Part 22:  The Christian Bible 

Part 23:  Catholic Social Teaching 

Part 24:  The Clobber Passages

Part 25:   Romans 1:26–27

Part 26:   I Corinthians 6:9

Part 27:   I Timothy 1:10




Appendix A:  Homophobia

Appendix B:  What does G-d want from us?

Appendix C:  Differences between the Hebrew Bible and the Old Testament

Note: Research and writing for this series is still ongoing.  In an effort to get as much information published as soon as possible, parts of the series are being published out of sequence.  

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