About us

This website is the home to Loving Ministries/G-d Loves You series on sexual orientation and religion.

Loving Ministries / G-d Loves You  is a safe and affirming place for people to explore issues of faith, religion and sexual orientation.   

While this series addresses various religious laws, it is by no means a comprehensive review of all religious laws.  Competent clergy should be consulted regarding specific questions of applying religious law.  

The history behind this website

In the spring of 2009, I was ordained as an interfaith minister.  Shortly after I was ordained, I received a telephone call from the President of GAAMC, a gay organization in New Jersey.  Some years before, I had served on the Board of Directors of GAAMC.  When I had served on the board, I had repeatedly raised the issue of homeless gay and lesbian youth.     

The reason the President called me was because the day before he had received a frantic telephone call concerning a teenage boy, a minor, who was being kicked out of his house by his parents with just the clothes on his back, solely because he was gay. 

 The  President called me to ask for my help.  During that conversation, I proposed leading some discussions and writing some articles for GAAMC on the issue of sexual orientation and religion.  The purpose of the discussions and articles would be so that the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgendered and intersexed (LGBTI) or queer community and their allies would have a resource with which to educate others and to put an end to the religious based hate the LGBTI community experiences.  


The proposed articles for GAAMC have grown into an extensive collection of articles that are being published on this website.  Please see the Table of Contents for links to the published articles and the anticipated articles.

All the content on this website is protected by copyright.

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